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Today’s the day they lay my first king/love/best friend to rest. I’ve cried much more than I thought I could. But I know he’s in a much better place so I’ll be ok. Daddy I’ll miss all of our foolish moments, the times we argued about you wanting grandchildren (me refusing of course), the time you taught me too fight, when I crashed your car into the garage (when you called yourself teaching me to drive lol) and all of that other good stuff. You had a lasting impression on everyone you were around. Your love & memories will forever be within me. I promise to make sure my little sisters have a bond like no other (even if I have to lock all of us in a room for days lol) I love you more than anything. Rest in peace for eternity my love you’re no longer hurting. S/N: I sure will miss your cooking 😩🙏😘😘

" I feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." -Van Gogh